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We provide on-site and in-house drug and alcohol testing, training and policy services across Brisbane and SEQ.

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Did you know?

A drug user is 4 times more likely be involved in a workplace accident

A drug user is 2.5 times more likely to take 8+ sick days per year

A drug user will ne 3 times more likely to be late for work

Lost productivity from drugs and alcohol is estimated to cost Australia $7 Billion per annum.
Did you know?

A drug user is 4 times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident.

A drug user is 2.5 times more likely to take 8+ sick days per year.

Drug users are 3 times more likely to be late for work.

Lost productivity from drug and alcohol abuse cost Australia an estimated $6.8 Billion per annum.

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Drug & Alcohol Policy

Managing drug and alcohol risks starts with having a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy. The policy must be robust enough to withstand legal challenge, sufficient detailed to provide guidance to managers and workers and technically correct.  This requires a high level of specialist knowledge that makes policy development difficult for even the most experienced writers.

Producing the right policy requires understanding of state and Commonwealth legislation, industrial relations, human resources, Australian Standards, the science behind the tests and an in depth knowledge of drugs and their associated workplace risks.

If you would like us to develop a tailored D&A policy for your business or you would like assistance completing your own, we can help! Having the right policy protects the business and helps keep workers safe. Meeting health and safety obligations doesn't have to be an onerous task. We are here to help. Call us.

Free Policy Review

As part of our commitment to helping businesses manage their drug and alcohol risks we offers a free D&A policy review service. Give us a call to arrange a review of your existing policy. The purpose of this service is to increase the level of protection the policy provides. We will offer advice that may include simple additions or amendments. In some cases we may recommend starting a new policy.

There is no cost or obligation for a Drug Detection AU policy review.

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Drug & Alcohol Safety Training

If you have any concerns about drugs and alcohol in your workplace, we can provide tailored training courses that help to educate your employees on the real-world dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

If you want to commence drug and alcohol screening in your workplace we recommend that you allow us to conduct staff training. At the employee level its all about drugs, safety of their workmates and the dangers of impairment in the workplace. For supervisors and managers its all about the signs and importantly what to do if you suspect impairment (Reasonable Belief), what you must do to be fair, and what your policy procedures dictates you do.

Training is the best way to engage workers and managers, and our team brings years of real-world experience to every training session.

Note: For a drug and alcohol education program, please contact us to discuss your team’s needs further.

Seminars and Public Speaking

If you have an upcoming workplace seminar or public event and would like to have one of our team present on the impacts of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, we are happy to develop a unique presentation for you.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug Detection AU provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol risk management service at our Woolloongabba office or on location across South East Queensland.

Our screening services include:

Oral fluid (saliva) testing

Urine testing

Hair testing

Breath testing

Meth testing for property such as vehicles and rental properties

Our team can guide you on the best test method to suits your individual needs.

Note: Detection times for drugs and alcohol vary as it is dependent on dosage, method of administration, individual metabolism, other drugs taken, exercise, fluid intake and diet.

24hr Service

When a workplace accident occurs, you need to be sure that it’s not a result of drugs or alcohol. We can attend any incident that may occur outside of 9-5 business hours to conduct the required tests and provide the results in a timely manner.

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Mobile and On-site Testing

We are mobile. When on-site we use our purpose built, discrete van that is ideal for drug testing. We keep our van well maintained and spotlessly clean.

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Post incident/accident screening
Any employees involved in an accident or near miss should be tested to determine whether alcohol or other drug use was a factor. Testing is not limited to only the injured employee, but may include all employees involved in the accident or near miss. If alcohol is suspected, testing should be conducted within two hours of the event. Drug testing should be conducted as soon as practicable. Drug Detection AU has a 24 hour service to conduct testing for accidents/incidents/near misses that occur outside of regular work times.

When should testing occur in the workplace?

There are several times that drug and alcohol testing should occur in the workplace. Depending on your particular needs we recommend:

Pre-employment D&A screening
Pre-employment testing should be made a condition of employment.  That is, any candidate must be able to pass a drug and alcohol test prior to any employment offer being issued.

Random on site D&A screening
The most effective deterrent to illicit drug use is random testing. Simply put, knowledge that testing may be conducted at any time acts as the greatest deterrent to temptation and actual drug use. Drug Detection AU manage this process, providing independent random selection. The frequency of testing and number of people to be tested will depend on the level of risk for your specific workplace environment, staff numbers and other factors.

Reasonable Cause testing
Employees can be drug tested where there are reasonable grounds for believing drug or alcohol use. Drug Detection AU will provide the necessary manager/supervisor training to enable them to be able to justify “reasonable belief” for testing and to ensure a transparent and fair process is applied for the person being tested.

Yes. We can provide you with a hair test. However, we do not need to take the follicle as our process is to cut the hair close to the scalp which is painless. Removing the hair and follicle would be a little painful and it is only the hair that is required for a drug screen. If you do not have any head hair we can use body hair. Please contact us to discuss your options.
No. Implementing a drug screening program in the workplace does not mean that you will lose all your staff at the start. We follow a very structured approach when implementing or amending existing D&A risk management programs. It ensures businesses meet their obligation to communicate with and educate employees and it is time lined to be fair to donors.
The results are provided at the time of the consultation for the breath alcohol test. Negative results for oral fluid (saliva) and urine drug screens are provided at the time. Positive results must be confirmed at the laboratory and take 48 hours. The hair test results are provided in approximately 10 working days.
Stop using drugs (excluding medication). Don’t waste money on cleanses or other ‘fix it’ solutions. Talk to us before you have your test we may be able to offer advice on how long it will take before you will pass a test. Conversations are private, we do not judge your lifestyle choices. Any advice will be with your best interests considered. Please contact us to discuss your options.
Using your entire staff list, we use computer software, verified as providing statistically random selections to generate a list of names to be tested. Workplace management are not involved in the process. It is important to note that some employees may be tested more than once, others not at all in any given period. Given enough time it evens out with the majority of employees tested an average number of times.
Some medications will show up in your drug screen. In fact we test for some medications specifically as they present a workplace risk (e.g. opiates and benzodiazepines). When we conduct a drug screen we will ask you what medications you take. Just let us know what they are and our technicians can advise you if it will show in the screen. If it is your medication and you are taking it correctly, a positive test for medication should not have an effect on your employment. Note: We strongly recommend you advise your employer of any medication you are taking that may affect your ability to safely perform you job role.

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Drug Detection AU has consistently provided Sunstate Cement Ltd with a high level of service for workplace drug and alcohol testing since 2003.

Linda Wands
HR Officer

Drug DetectionAU have provided us with exceptional service for years now. They are extremely professional and thorough and very accommodating to our needs.

Mark McNaughton
Flexiforce Business Manager

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