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We recognise that the service we provide and the advice we give has the potential to affect business productivity, employee livelihoods and family relationships. It is no small thing placing your trust in us and it is no small thing accepting that responsibility. We never lose sight of this fact!

With over two decades of experience, we deliver client focused, specialised professional services.

What sets us apart from our peers is that we provide advice. Interpretation of results, what type of test meets your needs and when should testing occur are all important considerations in achieving the best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, can't find the answer your looking for? please get in touch with us

Can you conduct a Hair Follicle Test?
Yes. We can provide you with a hair test. However, we do not need to take the follicle as our process is to cut the hair close to the scalp which is painless. Removing the hair and follicle would be a little painful and it is only the hair that is required for a drug screen. If you do not have any head hair we can use body hair. Please contact us to discuss your options.
Will starting drug testing at my workplace make me lose all my employees?
No. Implementing a drug screening program in the workplace does not mean that you will lose all your staff at the start. We follow a very structured approach when implementing or amending existing D&A risk management programs. It ensures businesses meet their obligation to communicate with and educate employees and it is time lined to be fair to donors.
How long do I have to wait for my results?
The results are provided at the time of the consultation for the breath alcohol test. Negative results for oral fluid (saliva) and urine drug screens are provided at the time. Positive results must be confirmed at the laboratory and take 48 hours. The hair test results are provided in approximately 10 working days.
I am worried that I might fail my drug test. What are my options?
Stop using drugs (excluding medication). Don’t waste money on cleanses or other ‘fix it’ solutions. Talk to us before you have your test we may be able to offer advice on how long it will take before you will pass a test. Conversations are private, we do not judge your lifestyle choices. Any advice will be with your best interests considered. Please contact us to discuss your options.
How random is random testing really?
Using your entire staff list, we use computer software, verified as providing statistically random selections to generate a list of names to be tested. Workplace management are not involved in the process. It is important to note that some employees may be tested more than once, others not at all in any given period. Given enough time it evens out with the majority of employees tested an average number of times.
Will the medications that I take affect my drug test?
Some medications will show up in your drug screen. In fact we test for some medications specifically as they present a workplace risk (e.g. opiates and benzodiazepines). When we conduct a drug screen we will ask you what medications you take. Just let us know what they are and our technicians can advise you if it will show in the screen. If it is your medication and you are taking it correctly, a positive test for medication should not have an effect on your employment. Note: We strongly recommend you advise your employer of any medication you are taking that may affect your ability to safely perform you job role.

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