Breath Alcohol Testing

Drug Detection AU uses the Lion Alcolmeter SD400.  These devices are very accurate and comply with AS3547:2019, for the measurement of alcohol.  They are the breathalyser of choice for the majority of Australian State Police Services.
Alcohol levels are set by the company and should be outlined in the company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy. Common alcohol levels for the workplace are:
·        Non-safety sensitive areas may use the legal driving limit of 0.05 grams of alcohol per 210 litres of breath.
·        Safety sensitive or high risk work areas should be a zero limit.
·        State and Federal legislation may supersede company limits. Heavy vehicle and learner drivers for example must be a zero limit while driving regardless of company policy.
Please note:
Due to COVID-19 our devices have been recalibrated to sample passive air expelled by spoken words without the need to blow large volumes of deep lung air under pressure through the straw. This greatly reduces the potential for airborne spittle and mucosal contaminants.
Click the links below to review the differences between Oral Fluid and Urine testing, which test is best for the different drug classes and the drug detection times.

Oral Vs Urine.pdfType of Drug Detected.pdfdrug detection times.pdf

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