Urine Drug Screening

Urine testing will indicate the use of drugs by an employee that may have occurred outside work hours but remains in their system at work.  It will also indicate drug use prior to and during work hours and as such is considered a better indicator of a drug lifestyle choice.  
This allows the employer to identify those employees who are at risk of being impaired at work and therefore a potential hazard, because of drug use outside work hours.
Urine testing is now well established, with the greatest range of detectable drugs and the biggest database of non-reacting substances.  Its detection window of 6-7 days is ideal for most screening and is the method used for all pre-employment testing.
We screen for the six drug classes required by AS/NZS 4308:2008.  Our screening kits include built-in validity checks to defeat specimen tampering or substitution. In addition to a temperature check, this includes a 6 panel adulteration screen for creatinine, nitrites, bleach, pH, specific gravity and Glutaraldehyde.

Click the link below to review the differences between Oral Fluid and Urine testing,  which test is best for the different drug classes and the drug detection times.

Oral Vs Urine.pdfType of Drug Detected.pdfdrug detection times.pdf

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